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Just in case you need that little bit of extra “wow” factor, we provide additional extras that cover every aspect of the event planning process.

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Mood, chandelier, exterior house lighting and more – our lighting options are fully customizable in order to produce the exact lighting you are looking for. And powerful too! Our lighting is so powerful that we can colour wash the whole of the marquee into a specific, desired colour.

We also offer chandeliers with built in light dimmers in addition to LED and rope lighting typically used to light up walkways and the external sides of the marquees.

We even offer several different generator styles & sizes, so that you can power your marquee and lighting even in the most secluded of locations.

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Our lighting options.

We have a range of different lights that you can hire alongside your marquee. Our range of lights are perfect for crafting different moods and themes for your event.

LED Uplighters

Chandelier Lighting

Fairy Lighting

Festoon Lighting